What’s included in our FREE vehicle health checks?

Want to know if your cars in good health?  At Back Home Performance we offer free vehicle health checks all year round.  Whether you want to check your cars up to surviving the cold winter weather, a pre-MOT check or simply for your own peace of mind, our free service could be just what you need.  But what exactly does it include?

Free Vehicle Health Check Schedule

Our vehicle health checks all follow the same checklist & upon completion you will be given a written copy of our findings.

We assess each vehicle using a traffic light system to rate all the elements we check.  RED – Requires urgent attention, AMBER – advisory will need attention soon, GREEN – Visually OK. 

  • Wheels & TyresWe check all wheels & tyres, incl. the spare for condition.  We check the tread depth & tyre pressure.  Each wheel is checked for any damage.  We visually check the tread of each tyre for signs of poor wheel alignment and uneven tread wear.

  • Brakes – As brakes are so important to the safety of everyone, we check all aspects of the braking system.  We check the brake discs for wear, cracks, corrosion and pitting.  The brake pads are checked for sufficient friction material and signs of contamination.  We also inspect the wheel bearings for play and noise.  Brake hoses and pipes are checked for cracking, signs of leakage and damage.  We check that flexi hoses are not fouling anywhere.  We check brake pipes are secure, not excessively corroded and that there are no leaks.  Brake cables need to be checked for fraying and corrosion.  We make sure the brake fluid level is correct.

  • Under Bonnet –  The engine oil level is checked.  It is surprising how many people are running their cars on very little oil.  The antifreeze is checked for strength.  This is very important in winter as a frozen cooling system can cause no end of damage!  A visual inspection for water, oil and fluid leaks is also carried out.  We check the alternator belt for tension and any signs of wear.  We do a battery drop test to check the battery is up to it’s job and we make sure it is fixed securely.

  • Underside – When the car is on the ramp we look underneath the car.  The exhaust system is checked for condition and that it is secure.  We check for play and damage to the steering components.  The suspension is also checked.  Whilst underneath we inspect the condition of the driveshaft gaiters.

  • Lights & Electrics – All lights, the horn, wipers & washers are tested.
  • Further checks – We visually inspect around each vehicle for damage & broken glass/plastic components.  When the vehicle is driven in and out the workshop we assess the operation of the brakes, clutch and transmission.  Any engine noise or smoke is also reported on.

This free of charge vehicle health check is available to everyone regardless of what vehicle you drive and you are under no obligation to use Back Home Performance to rectify any problems we find. As always, no work will be carried out unless you instruct us to do so.

Please telephone 01253 766085 or email blackpoolbhp@btinternet.com to book yours now.

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